The Workplace Bullying Institute 2017 National Survey

By Mike Schlicht []

The Workplace Bullying Institute has created a Gofundme page to raise money to update the national trends on workplace bullying in the United States.

Please consider donating to the funding site to help finance an updated study on the prevalence of workplace bullying in the United States as we work to pass laws in New York State and across the country to make workplace bullying legal! These study have been invaluable to states like New York when we lobby on behalf of the Healthy Workplace Bill. Click here for the Gofundme page.

The last study performed in 2014 allowed states like New York to demonstrate to our state legislators that protected status categories such gender and race incur higher rates of workplace bullying suggesting that workplace bullies and employers are using legal harassment to avoid protected status harassment. As long as a workplace bully and/or employer does not harass an employee that infer a relationship to a person’s protected status, they can still legally impair a persons livelihood and health.

In 2014, we also learned that 65 million employees directly experience or witness workplace bullying each year in the United States, that only 20% of all cases of harassment are considered illegal in the United States and finally, that 89% of women that experience workplace bullying will lose their job. Click here for the Gofundme page.

A downloadable, in-depth summary of the 2014 Workplace Bullying Institute 2014 National Survey can be accessed here:

[Also, support the petition supporting the  New York State Healthy Workplace Bill]

Mike Schlicht
State Coordinator (upstate)
New York Healthy Workplace Advocates
5500 North Bailey, Ave, #43
Buffalo, NY 14226


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