“The Bullets Are Zinging Around” – Howard Monath in Bangkok (Armed with a Slingshot)

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Picture Taken Before the Latest Bullets Zinging

[To] Lucia Siposova: Hi Lucia! I’m in the middle of a revolution in Bangkok Thailand, ‘Red Shirt’ peasants ( they gave me a sling shot ) against the Thai army: the bullets are zinging around..how are you?
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[Thai ‘Red Shirt’ protester arrested over Facebook post | Metro.co.uk www.metro.co.uk A Facebook post has led to a Thai ‘Red Shirt’ protester being arrested by police claiming that Wipas Raksakulthai insulted the kingdom’s royal family on the social networking site.
5 hours ago.]

— On Wednesday, the Thai Constitutional Court agreed to consider a recommendation by the Electoral Commission to dissolve the ruling Democratic Party, over misuse of funds…this might be the key to ending this standoff peacefully.
5 hours ago [to the WORD

— Red Shirts entered the grounds of a major Thai hospital adjacent to their encampment yesterday, looking for soldiers massing for an attack, the hospital subsequently shut it’s operations and transferred it’s 1400 patients elsewhere…This was a real public relations mess up by the Reds, who apologized, Everyone here is getting a little punchy. the Thai government here has started to use fabricated ‘ treason against the King’ charges (the Thai King has semi-deity status) as a pretext for actions against the Reds. Things are lurching towards an end.
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Howard Monath, Filmmaker

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