New America Media Advisory: Americans Unaware of Stimulus Benefits

New America Media Poll to show that most Americans, Including ethnic communities, are unaware of benefits from the $787 Billion stimulus package.

NAM is releasing the poll today, October 6; it determined the extent that whites, as well as African Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans and Asian Americans are aware of the benefits of the Recovery Act. The poll of 1,000 adults also determined whether respondents were aware of any impact that the legislation has had on their families or their communities.

The results strongly indicate there have been many missed opportunities, with respondents across the board, unaware of the benefits that may be coming to their communities from the billions of dollars available. “Our poll shows the Obama Administration has not done a good job of letting Americans know about opportunities that exist because of the stimulus package,” said Sandy Close, Executive Director of NAM, the nation’s largest coalition of ethnic news outlets

“Across the country, the Recovery Act has made billions of dollars available for extended unemployment benefits and health insurance for laid off workers. It has appropriated money for small businesses and arts organizations. It has prevented thousands of teachers from being laid off and kept firehouses from closing. Our poll shows – across the racial and ethnic spectrum – most Americans remain unaware of these opportunities and as a result are not able to take advantage of them,” Close also said.

Participating in October 6 Teleconference:

SANDY CLOSE, Executive Director, of New America Media (NAM), the nation’s largest coalition of ethnic news outlets

SERGIO BENDIXEN, President of Bendixen & Associates polling firm
AARON GLANTZ, author, Stimulus Watch Editor, New America Media
CHRIS KEELEY, Associate Director, Common Cause, New York
JUHU THURKRAL, Director of Law and Advocacy, The Opportunity Agenda

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