Metropolitan Museum of Art – May 24, 2009

While my department dillydallies over its future, I’m exploring new ways to teach. That means a lot of field testing. The latest: Visiting the MET Sunday, May 24. Armed with a Panasonic Luminix DMC-LX3 point-n’-shoot. For now, I want to keep things simple: Pictures of MET visitors taking pictures.

Going to the MET was a friend’s idea.

Trial and error. I'm using Panasonics' DMC-LX3. I'm not endorsing it. I'm just using it. I prefer the Nikon D300 but there are times it feels like a cannon and I feel like I'm using it like a cannon.

Still learning LX3, this time exposure

There have been times the Nikon D300 felt like a cannon and I felt like I’m using it as a cannon (for obliteration/deconstruction). However, I like the feel of the LX3 but its resolution is no comparison to the D300, of course. The resolution issue, of course, might be nothing more than my need to learn to exploit the LX3 more.

H1N1 Can be on a New Yorker's Mind Without the Slightest Provocation.

H1N1: Never Far From New Yorkers

The really cool thing would have been to approach the couple for a brief interview about their masks. Need to improve my skills for interviewing.

Ho hum.

Ho hum.

Artist rendering an artist rendering an artist - I think

Artist rendering artist rendering artist

I hope that it’s noticed that I didn’t stroke a letter or a vowel or a syllable higher in this post about The 4 Barnacles of the Apocalypse.

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