The Wisdom of Hiring Pulitizer Recognized Journalists to Teach in the Trenches of Undergraduate Journalism Programs

Do they really want to teach introductory news writing? Instruct students whose impressions of journalism have been influenced by the content of their Myspace and Facebook accounts? Are they passionate about preparing the next wave of journalists?

Serious writing requires rewriting and rewriting. They want to spend their evenings wrestling with drafts written by students who have been shortchanged about the importance of being able to write well.

Well, after viewing the layout of the Hunter Alumni magazine issue made available in January, I now understand the thinking. I think.

Picture below: Kisha Allison, Jonathan Mena and Jacqueline Fernandez featured in left page of the alumni magazine layout. On the right page, not shown here, were two F/M colleagues who have received Pulitzer attention.

The alumni magazine layout was certainly seductive. Let me count $$$ the ways. I think.

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