Howard Monath Update From Bangkok

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Howard Monath

” Oh, and I just got back from the center of all this; it was a very surreal day, the leaders of the Red Shirts, the guys you see on TV every day, were talking to each other; they came over and asked me what I thought was gong to happen! (bizarre, there were no other foreigners/journalists around )  the army has given them 48 hours to leave. the Red Shirts have completely taken over about two miles of downtown Bangkok, and are amazingly organized, pretty good for a bunch of illiterate farmers.

Anyway, I told them I thought the momentum of history was on their side, but the short term (48 hours from now) might be a little difficult…They were telling me that the Queen was influencing the Prime Minister,( the King who everyone loves is 83 and in the hospital). and that was a factor they didn’t know haw to deal with. They were hoping that Obama makes a call to the PM and reads him the riot act, that is about the only way they can see a big bloodbath averted.”

10 minutes ago, 10:56 p.m. EST

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