Howard Monath, An Inadvertent Correspondent Reporting on the Crisis in Bangkok for the WORD

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Hello Hunter Word, I’ve been in Thailand on and off since Nov sort of following my friend Chantal Ughi, who is a champion Muay Thai boxer. She, as you can see has a different opinion about this, makes for an interesting dynamic. 12 minutes ago, April 25, 10:38 p.m.

Howard Monath

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— I’m in Bangkok. The Red Shirts have given me access to their entire area, so I’m in the middle of a real revolution, grenades and all…
9 hours ago

— The Thai PM just turned down any compromises that would defuse this; I’m afraid there will be more bloodshed. The Red Shirts have an inner core of hardened fighters,and the Establishment of course is futilely trying trying to hold on to what it has. ( The income disparity in Thailand is the greatest in all of Asia ) 9 hours ago

— I can send you dispatches from the ‘Front’ from time to time. ( this is not ending anytime soon ).. I’ll write them here on Facebook. The Red Shirts like the fact that I am an American, ( there are not too many of us here, more Brits and Australians but they have a much different more uptight vibe ) It’s amazing to see, flaws and all what the IDEA of America means to people who are trying to ferment change. The middle class here dismisses the Red Shirts as a bunch of illiterate country bumpkins, but that is exactly how the British referred to the Colonists in this country back when.

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