CUNY Workplace Violence Prevention 2014: “Online Course Reminder for Greggory Morris”


Just got another reminder  (check below). This dovetails with my Phony Workplace Violence Complaint Project, which is nearing completion.

A phony complaint was filed by Unscrupulous Colleagues in my department and supported by the Administration, via its chair of the Hunter Workplace Violence Committee, who sent me threatening communiqués, essentially to try to intimidate me from writing about the debauchery in D:F/M. 

Fortunately, the investigation was seriously flawed (and a bit randy). And the Unscrupulous Colleagues who filed the complaint and the Unscrupulous & Craven Colleagues who supported it provided enough conflicting information (in writing, mind you) that – voila – an exposé is in the works.

From CUNY: “This is a reminder that you have been registered for an online course in Workplace Violence Prevention by The City University of New York. To begin, continue, or complete the course, please click on the link below (or copy and paste it into the address line of your web browser). All CUNY employees are required to complete training in workplace violence prevention at least once a year, in compliance with New York State Law and The City University of New York Campus and Workplace Violence Policy. Please complete this training by December 31, 2014.”


You do not need to complete all of the training in one sitting. You may use this personalized link to resume the course or review the material at a later date. The program will bring you back to where you left off in the course.

Your campus may offer in-person classroom training in lieu of the online training program. If you have questions about the online or classroom training, please contact a member of your campus Workplace Violence Advisory Team (WVAT) or Human Resources Office. Additional contact information is included within this training program.

If you have questions about the content of this online training program, email CUNY’s Office of Human Resources Management at

Thank you in advance for your participation.

Rhonnye Ricks
University Training Director
Office of Human Resources Management
The City University of New York

I’ve been in touch with Office of Human Resources Management about phony violence in the workplace complaints.

Stay tuned.

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