CNN Needs to Do Better Profiling of Blithering Birthers & Their Naysaying Cousins

I was watching CNN’s broadcast last night, August 12, of the town hall meetings turned into ranting cages for “those people” barking about topics and subjects that have nothing to do with health care. A smart strategy by organizers, brain trusts – clearly extreme right – who came up with this plan to use the news media for their agenda.

Smart strategy – I have to say that one more time.

CNN, however, needs to do a better job of telling its viewers who these people are, to put things into context.

And I’m not talking about describing them as nut-jobs. I can do that … or that they are concerned citizens rightfully irate over … what, like the fact that Americans voted into office the first Black President? That in the words of Frank Rich, writing in his August 2, 2009 column about how “the inexorable transformation of America into a white-minority country in some 30 years – by 2042 in the latest Census Bureau estimate – is causing serious jitters, if not panic, in some white establishments.”

I wasn’t impressed with John Roberts’ sloppy attempts to deliver meaningful, insightful dialogue to go with the images and audio of all white audiences ranting about the destruction of American valutes. I thought the field reporter made a decent attempt but his delivery was overpowered by the images/audio.

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