Bring Back Aristide to Lead Haiti?

By Ed Kent
Monday, January 18, 18 07:41:36 EST 2010
To: PeaceEfforts <>

Haiti manifestly has no leadership now. President René Préval disappeared for the first two days after the earthquake and seems to be doing little if anything other than talking to Americans now. Perhaps it is time to bring back Jean-Bertrand Aristide from South Africa where he was shipped in 2004 after a questionable removal from the Haitian presidency? Reports on him range from viewing him as an effective reformer to a human rights violator.

[First stumbled upon Kent when he was posting regularly on Senate-Forum@Listserv.Cuny.Edu until he pissed off the Powers That Be several years ago and was banned forever. Unlike many others banned during the heyday of attacks and counter attacks (mostly over the Israel-Palestinian crisis) as well as a few after censorship was imposed (but denied), Kent never complained or bitched about the unfairness and instead started several yahoo discussion groups and began blogging. His post, Bring Back Ariside to Lead Haiti, is blogged here.]

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