By Ed Kent
Sunday, January 17 14:59:10 EST 2010
To: Ending Poverty <>

This is the Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend. I finally heard someone on TV mention his name a few hours ago – Obama giving a speech/sermon at a church in the Capitol. What most people forget is that King’s popularity was declining towards the end of his life as he moved on from desegregation to concerns about poverty and wealth.

[Kent is a retired Brooklyn College philosophy professor who is very opinionated but his “stuff” has always been well corroborated and his reach is broad.]

[First stumbled upon him when he was posting regularly on Senate-Forum@Listserv.Cuny.Edu until he pissed off the Powers That Be several years ago and was banned forever. Unlike many others banned during the heyday of attacks and counter attacks (mostly about the Israel-Palestinian crisis) as well as a few after, Kent never complained or bitched about the unfairness and instead started several yahoo discussion groups and began blogging. His post, Decline in King’s Support Towards the End of His Life, is blogged here.]

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