Get Ready to Run for Cover!

By Edward Kent
Monday, January 18, 08:17:51 EST 2010
To: OurStupidEconomy <>

If the Democrats lose the capacity to block Republican filibusters tomorrow, we had all better run for cover from the excesses we can expect from our banks, drug companies, and other corporate interests that already control too much of our lives. I was startled to learn the other day that one bank has initiated $100 penalties for overdrafts.

[Kent is a retired Brooklyn College philosophy professor. First stumbled upon him, before he retired, when he was posting regularly on Senate-Forum@Listserv.Cuny.Edu until he pissed off the Powers That Be several years ago and was banned forever. Kent never complained or bitched about the unfairness and the censorship and instead started several yahoo discussion groups and began blogging. This post, Get Ready to Run for Cover, is blogged here.]

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