An Additional Take on the NYT Times Puff Piece About Hunter College President

Regarding the article, Amid Exits, President of Hunter College Is Assailed for Her Management Style, a serious oversight in an earlier post: The Times’ article was a tepid follow on articles published in the Chronicle of Higher Education in July.

And the Times’ article also didn’t mention the a lawsuit alleging that President Jennifer Raab improperly interfered with the reappointment process of an assistant professor. Normally, this is the bailiwick of the Provost, and according to the Chronicle article, Provost Vita Rabinowitz was supportive of the reappointment which was shot down.

Last but not least, the last paragraph was a hoot. So-ooo-ooo lame, such really faux journalism, especially regarding its sourcing: The search for CUNY’s next chancellor is now under way. According to someone with direct knowledge of the process, admirers of Ms. Raab have begun putting her name forward.  A former New York Times Public Editor once wrote that the Times needed to be more solicitous with its use of anonymity.

What kind of admirers? Those with clout? Those with influence. Or those with no real stature who fawn obsequiously, as seen here: “She’s all about lifting people up and recognizing their service and celebrating their service,” said John Rose, the dean of diversity at Hunter.


More About This Later.

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