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Current Status of the Healthy Workplace NYS Bill (HWB) S3863/A4965


The bill numbers for the Healthy Workplace Bill (HWB) in New York State for the 2013-2014 legislative session are S3863 (in the NYS Senate) and A4965 (in the NYS Assembly).

The HWB addresses bullying in the workplace, defined as repeated verbal abuse, psychological abuse, work interference and/or work sabotage that prevents work from getting done or some combination of the three.
One June 3, 2013 the bill was passed in the NYS Senate Labor Committee by a 14-2 landslide vote by the committee members. The bill still needs to be put to a vote by the entire NYS Senate.

In the NYS Assembly, the bill still awaits placement onto the NYS Assembly Labor Committee Agenda and a subsequent floor vote. At this point in time, the Senate bill (S3863) has 15 sponsors and the Assembly bill (A4965) has 82.

More About This Later.

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