WORD Editor on the Road – Slow Postings Last Several Days

In Lawrence, Kansas, Visiting Family

Just the typical car fire in a Lawrence, KS, Walmart parking lot.

The big local news, however, is the University of Kansas athletic ticket scandal [a separate blog story here]. Two news stories are on the front page of the print version of the Lawrence Journal-World but not on the Internet version. Weird. Headline, print, above the fold: “Ticket scam demoralizing to KU faculty” is misleading. An inside heardline, “KU faculty saddened by scam,” is also misleading.

The news story, however, makes clear reference to a smoldering controversy that KU athletics are well funded while KU academics are underfunded. There have been similar arguments about, and surrounding, the athletic program at Rutgers, the State Universtiy of New Jersey.

I wonder how the reporter Andy Hyland [ahyland@worldjournal.com] felt about the misleading headlines.

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They Came. They Saw. They Extinguished.

Wrapping Up.

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