WORD Editor on the Road: Local News, Slim Pickins …

Outside of Walmart Supercenter, 3300 Iowa Street. A second Walmart, not so super, located at 550 Congressional Drive. A news shot of the day.

… This past Saturday-Sunday in Lawrence, Kansas, Douglas County, population 90,520 (circa July, 2008), up 13 percent from 2000 [U.S. Census] and not including KU student enrollment of an estimated 30,000, with five Zip Codes, according to local Lawrence Journal-World. Online-print (circulation about 75,000 according to Newspaper Association of America), did publish a story, following up on the sports-ticket-crisis-scam-controversy.

Walmart “Low Prices”sums up Saturday-Sunday as seen, that is, perceived to be seen, by the local news media.

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