Former WORD Writers, Where Are They Now?

Maria Rosana Cruz, Project Coordinator, NYC Mayor’s Office of Immigration Affairs

Maria Rosana Cruz

I was graced with an internship position focusing on the online campaign for Immigrant Heritage Week 2010 after working at an online advertising agency in midtown for the past year and a half.  It turned out that my high school teacher that initially sparked my interested in Media was related to the Commissioner of Immigrant Affairs.

“As an intern from February to April, I spearheaded the online efforts and was basically their guinea pig for social media.  The City Hall press department and the lawyers were tracking our initiatives the whole time.  It was a “full circle” moment for me when I realized I had a shot to work at the Mayor’s Office because I never expected myself to be running media initiatives in this kind of setting.

“It’s a far cry from my previous private sector gigs (Fox News, Viacom, and an online ad network).  It’s also a nice change to wholeheartedly believe in what my office stands for.  I officially started as a full time staff member on May 24, as their Project Coordinator.

“I’m graduating this Thursday after five years of full-time work and school!”

Cruz covered the New York City cultural scene for the WORD a few years ago, concentrating on “the affordable and quirky places around the city.”

One Sample
Kom Tang Soot Bul Kal Bi

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