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Artur Davis Dissed His Base and Paid the Price
While Congressman Artur Davis’s stunning loss in his quest to win the Alabama Democratic Gubernatorial nomination was a sad turn for one black man, it was a great moment for black voters. It revealed a heightened level of political sophistication among black primary voters who rejected Davis’s “I-don’t-need-to-spend-time-on-them-’cause-I-know-they’ll-be-with-me” approach to campaigning. – By Michael Fauntroy, Huntington Post.
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Offshore Corporate Tax Havens: Why Are They Still Allowed?
The bracing reality that America has two sets of rules – one for the corporate class and another for the middle class – has never been more indisputable. The middle class, by and large, plays by the rules, then watches as its jobs disappear – and the Senate takes a break instead of extending unemployment benefits. The corporate class games the system – making sure its license to break the rules is built into the rules themselves.  – By Arianna Huffington, Huffington Post.
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