What News Sources Are My Students Reading About the Economy?

I have no idea.

My two news writing and one journalism ethics/responsibility courses  were given assignments inquiring about the economy’s dire effects on families, friends, neighbors and, indirectly, of course, themselves. Otherwise, I’m not sure how much and what they are referencing.

I can hardly wait to see what they bring turn in. Except for one student who said she believe that the assignment was seemed, in so many words, intrusive, there were no other responses from the three classes.

Yet …

I think they should read this piece by Paul Krugman, NYT Op Ed, 1938 in 2010. Haven’t assigned it. They already have a lot on their plate.


Fourth Paragraph: And just as some of us feared, the inadequacy of the administration’s initial economic plan has landed it — and the nation — in a political trap. More stimulus is desperately needed, but in the public’s eyes the failure of the initial program to deliver a convincing recovery has discredited government action to create jobs.

Last Paragraph: But always remember: This slump can be cured. All it will take is a little bit of intellectual clarity, and a lot of political will. Here’s hoping we find those virtues in the not too distant future.

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