First Responders Seemed Everywhere, Yet, Facts Were Scarce Though Traffic Was Jammed and Crowds Were Moderate

About 4:15 p.m. this date: The scene at the Journal Square Transportation Center, Jersey City, New Jersey.

Looking East on Kennedy Boulevard West @ Tonnele Avenue Patrol Car Road Block

Looking West @ Bergen Avenue and Kennedy Boulevard, Journal Square

JCPO barking at people standing on corner that they have to move! Now!

They were congregating on the northeast corner at Bergen Avenue and Kennedy Boulevard. A traffic jam was threatening but traffic was moving expeditiously considering that a major intersection was blocked off.

No idea what was going on, though it looked like precautions for a possible bomb.

Then Came the Dogs

The appearance of the German Shepherds signaled that this was real serious.

Then Came the JCFD

Showed up about 10 minutes after the Shepherds. But they dressed down to casual.

"No helicopters," says a man standing next to me.

QMfE: “They never show Jersey City respect,” he says about the NYC news media helicopters that weren’t there hovering over the scene. “If this was New York, they’d be all over the sky.”

There was no kaboom and the helicopters never showed.

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