Vanessa Casavant: Whoa! What Happened to This Former WORD Writer?

There are way too many inaccuracies and too much misrepresentation and deceit in this blog-tumblr piece [below] by Hunter alumna Vanessa Casavant for this former mentor-instructor to engage in rebuttals, rejoinders, replies and the lot at this point in time in the early fall semester. For the moment, this writer is collecting her online posts as well as contacting news services who wrote about her quotable and paraphrased whining in their news articles to alert them to the spurious and the specious and that they were snookered.

So, what is this about? Read on.

Truth can wither in the throes of too much self-aggrandizement.

For the record: Casavant, with her mentor’s considerable support and help, was selected for a Chips Quinn Scholar but she never represented the WORD in that matter (as well as manner) as she alleged in her post. But that’s a minor quibble. She was blocked from the Hunter WORD facebook page for lying and deceit and for calling, absurdly, for a boycott of the publication because facebook friends didn’t agree with her reasoning. [They were a lot more tolerant of her than I was but they didn’t know she was lying. I did.]

Also, there was no posting of 9/11 jokes in the WORD. Nor was there ever any consideration for that, only for a serious discussion in a restricted forum about what was appropriate and inappropriate. It has to be said that sometimes some facebook “friends “act like morons and have to be quickly dispatched.

More to come on this after the period ends, that is, the time I allotted  for a response from the news services regarding this writers queries and alerts. Also, here is the link to her tumblr page. It’s beginning to make sense why her tenure as a newspaper reporter probably was short: The truth can be daunting for those who prefer to engage in un-truths and deceptions.

Nevertheless, this whole matter will make for a great discussion in my journalism classes.



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