A Letter to the Prof

Below is an excellent description by a student (ambushed by circumstances beyond his control) about an advance news writing class which started with an enrollment of 11 and is being taught this semester.

Dear Professor Morris,

It’s embarrassing that I have to get to this point for any class, but unfortunately, here we are. It’s time to man up or shut up.

As you are well aware, I have been absent for more than half the class this semester. At this point in time in my life, I’m in a scenario where I have to reorganize my priorities, and this class is unfortunately an obstruction for me.

Unlike other students who have dropped this class, I’m not backing out because of the course material or your teaching. Quite the contrary, when the semester started, I was excited to take a legitimately HARD journalism course. Unfortunately, it also happened to be my 5th class, and when coupled with my current (sometimes never ending) job quest, It’s just turned out to be too much.

Therefore, as unfortunate as it is, I will be drafting up the materials to Withdraw from this class with a W, and will be coming by your office during your Monday hours for signatures (so that I may properly turn in all the paperwork by the Wednesday, Nov. 17th Deadline)

As much s**t as you took/take from the other students in the class at times, I want to let you know that I appreciated your academic style and the course setup.

It’s just a shame my work and attendance ethic could not meet up to the standards I held the class in. For that, I apologize.

Thank you for your patience, attention(!) and assistance(!) through this phase of my life, and hopefully in the future we can meet/teach under better circumstances.

-With Regret,
-[Name Withheld of Course]

As of this date, there are four students still enrolled.

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