Torii Bottomley’s Exhibit Supporting Massachusetts Healthy Workplace Bill

Exhibit is at Massachusetts State House.

Advocate Torii Bottomley brings her powerful “Massachusetts: Face Workplace Bullying” display to the State House. In this moving display, she exposes workplace bullying through 14 faces of workplace bullying targets and their stories.

“Research shows bully bosses target the most successful employees out of envy for their skills and ethics. This abuse comes at a proven cost to every state’s economy.”                                                                                     Torii Bottomley

“As a target of workplace bullying, the motive for my project was healing. Supporting and bearing witness to the process of each model becoming a face of change and letting go of the fear of speaking out was, at times, overwhelming. This installation is meant to encourage conversation about adult bullies and their adult targets.”

We call on the great state of Massachusetts, with a history of “firsts” in progressive legislature, to:


In a quiet but significant way, these photographs represent a transition: Courageous people who have transformed from being targets of workplace bullying to becoming advocates for change. Especially for targets of this abuse, the decision to become an advocate for law reform often requires courage and fortitude. Meaningful social change is often effected by those who have experienced injustice and mistreatment. In this sense, the decision to go from “victim” to advocate can be an empowering one, a personal statement that one will harness a terrible experience to help others.

David Yamada, Professor of Law,
Suffolk University, Author:
Massachusetts Healthy Workplace Bill
(HB 1771)

Going on tour to spread the word about workplace bullying

Torii is booking locations across Massachusetts for the art display. Email Torii at if you know of a contact at any suitable location.

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