The WORD’s Eunji Jang Is Now a New America Media Intern in New York

Wednesday, April 1 Email from Anthony Advincula to His New America Media Compadres 

Dear all,

I just want to introduce to everyone our new intern, Eunji Jang, in
the New York office. She will start next week to help us with the
national ethnic media awards outreach, the U.S. Census 2010 news
briefings as well as she will contribute to our Web site. Eunji will
also monitor the news in Korean media across the East Coast.
Eunji is a junior journalism student at Hunter College, which is part
of the City University of New York. She was recommended to us by our
great J-School partner, Prof. Gregg Morris. Eunji is bilingual; she
speaks Korean and English.

Below is her introductory e-mail. I will ask Mona to give her a NAM
e-mail address so she could represent our organization well when she
does the outreach. So let's all welcome her when we get a second and
feel free to assign her of any reporting job in the coming days.
Best regards,

Eunji Jang is from South Korea and writes for the WORD as well as intern for
WABC-News 7, New York.

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