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Unable to work through the rumblings and exaggerations and distortions in the recent tsunami of news stories catalyzed by 23-year-old Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab’s failed attempt to blow up a Northwest Airlines plane over Detroit. In need of good sources for news and commentaries and analysis. Need to be able to assess independently and wisely. Clarity important. So, embarking on the search for the path to veraciousness, the search begins.

An Idiot’s Guide to the War on Terror?

Terrorism – Muslims Killing Muslims!
By Ed Kent:
Sunday, January 10
[Kent is a retired Brooklyn College philosophy professor who is very opinionated but his “stuff” has always been well corroborated and his reach is broad. First stumbled upon him when he was posting regularly on Senate-Forum@Listserv.Cuny.Edu until he pissed off the Powers That Be and was banned forever. Unlike many others banned during the heyday of attacks and counter attacks (mostly about the Israel-Palestinian crisis), Kent never complained or bitched about the unfairness and instead started several yahoo discussion groups and began blogging. His blog post is excerpted.]

We think of terrorist killings generally in terms of Americans killing Muslims or Muslims killing Americans. But the fact is that far more Muslims are being killed by fellow Muslims – Al Qaeda, rival religious groups (Sunni versus Shiites, etc.)

We make a vast mistake identifying our wars against terrorists whereas what we are really seeing is an anarchistic heresy within Islam that is killing indiscriminately.  Anarchy is really the name of this game plus presumably some profit-making on the part of some involved. Ready the rest of his blog here.

Washington overreacting to air scare
Fareed Zakaria. Just started watching his Sunday CNN show as the semester was ending. Thick Description. Very informative. Great guests. Great format. Today’s show seemed put together as if to address this writer’s concerns.

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