The [!@#$%&!!*] O’Reilly Factor

This is a lazy man’s blog post, but I’m trying to wrap up classes and get to work on some projects that have been idling on the back burner far too long, so here is a column from Media Matters bloggers: Eric Boehlert and Jamison Foster:

Despite falsehood after falsehood, O’Reilly reportedly claimed canceledRadio Factor 

According to a December 4 New York Daily News article, in confirming that he would no longer host his nationally syndicated radio show, The Radio Factor, Bill O’Reilly said, “I knew my show couldn’t be ideological. … So I was doing a show that was fact-based.” However, far from being “fact-based,” The Radio Factor, like The O’Reilly Factor, frequently featured “fact-free” claims and falsehoods by O’Reilly, as Media Matters for America’s extensive collection of Radio Factor items demonstrates: Read More Here

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