Senator Rev Rubén Díaz, NY Hispanic Clergy Organization, and Members of the Community Are Disgusted by Recent Firings at El Diario la Prensa 

In response to the recent firing of 20 journalists at El Diario la Prensa, New York State Senator Reverend Rubén Díaz (D-Bronx) will be meeting with his fellow clergy members from the New York Hispanic Clergy Organization to discuss a possible June 26th demonstration in front of the executive offices of ImpreMedia, El Diario la Prensa’s parent company. [More Background info]

Senator Rubén Díaz has released the following statement:

“After hearing about the layoffs of Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Columbians, and journalists from Central America, and after hearing that its new owners have called El Diario la Prensa a “ghetto” newspaper, and after hearing that they are looking to appeal to “more educated” readers, we will not sit back and ignore these insults to our community.  El Diario la Prensa, “El Campeón de los Hispanics” the “Champion of the Hispanics” is the largest and oldest Spanish-language newspaper in New York City.

We are rightfully outraged about any strategy at El Diario la Prensa to turn their backs on their traditional Puerto Rican and Dominican readership who rely upon this newspaper as a major news source and we are extremely concerned about the wholesale firings.

In an era where were are fighting to protect our immigrant population, it is outrageous and inconceivable to think that journalists from Santo Domingo, Columbia, and Central America would be replaced by journalists from Europe and other parts of the world.”

For further information, please contact Senator Díaz at (718) 991-3161.

Gregg Morris, editor of the WORD and this site.

Gregg Morris, editor of the WORD and this site.

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