New York State Healthy Workplace Bill S3863 (Workplace Anti-Bullying Bill)

I posted the following on the Hunter College Listserv, which is the main listserv for the College.  Hopefully, its obviously explanatory.


I was up in Albany early in the fall semester for my first lobbying efforts to support this NYS workplace anti-bullying bill with professors from several campuses around the state. Lobbying can be empowering. We were joined by serious activists. More about this later.

I sent the following off to New York State Senator José Peralta, Minority Whip and the rest of the labor committee members:

S3863 – Please Support
State Senator José Peralta []
New York State Senator José Peralta, Minority Whip

From Gregg Morris, Assistant Professor.

Dear Senator Peralta,

I am a tenured assistant professor at Hunter College and I am writing to ask you to support S3863. I have experienced serious workplace bullying at this campus and have filed numerous complaints with or sought help from campus institutions that proved to be inadequate, such as the Ombuds Office, College Senate, Provost Office, the Deans Office and even the union that is suppose to represent me, the Professional Staff Congress. By exposing the bullies regarding my situation, I managed, at a costly price, to develop a measure of protection but no staff nor instructor, regardless if they’re full time or part-time, should have to endure the abuses I experienced as well as witnessed happening to staff and other instructors, tenured and non-tenured and part-time, bullied and intimidated.

This is a great college community but some areas definitely need improvement. My concerns have been well documented but since were are approaching the 11th hour, I won’t burden you with copies of files and complaints [I am a meticulous record keeper]. {Academic bullying is too often shielded, protected, nourished and nurtured because of egregious misunderstandings of and corruption of Academic Freedom principles as well as faux administration. S3863 won’t end “it,” but it will put a dint in “it.”}

I simply hope that you will support S3863. And I can be called upon at any time if additional testimony is needed.

Gregg Morris
Assistant Professor (tenured)
Department of Film and Media Studies
Hunter College
Cell: 201-320-2278
Office: 212-772-4952
More about this later.

More about this later. In the meantime this URL should be checked out

The Usual Suspects
The Usual Suspects


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