News Media About Obama’s Puppie: Couchie Couchie Coo. Animal Rights Activist Mary Max: President Obama, How Could You?

10:53 a.m. April 16: Google reports 4,376 news articles about Obama’s Portuguese Water puppie. This is how Animal Rights Activist Mary Max responded to the news in her newsletter: “I’m just flabbergasted, sick to my stomach, and disheartened. How could he do this?”

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I wonder how she will be regarded by the news media (if they ever dig deeper into the puff piece angle). She’s telling the world to write to Obama. Below is a sampling of news reports.

First Dog Bo’s bark audio clip Bobama’s already yapping away at … - ‎1 hour ago‎
Check out the new First Dog Bo’s cute bark – let’s hope it’s worse than his bite! The Portuguese water dog has officially moved in with President Barack 

Sydneysiders want Portuguese water dog, President Barack Obama’s dog - ‎2 hours ago‎
By Angela Saurine IT WAS only days ago that Barack Obama and his family welcomed their new Portuguese water dog into the White House but already it seems 

Know All About ‘Bo’!
Oneindia - ‎5 hours ago‎
Charlie, the Portuguese water dog had a memorable moment in its life as it entered into the courtyard of White House. Being the pet dog of the Obama girls- 
Portuguese water dog sold out in Germany The whole world wants a …

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