New York Observer Appreciates Former WORD Senior Editor’s Reporting in Bushwick

The Observer picked up on story originally reported by Jonathan Mena for in Brooklyn about this checkerboard building on Palmetto Street between Bushwick and Evergreen Avenues. Mena formerly wrote articles and columns and produce YouTube mini-docs and broadcast reports for the WORD. He has been stringing for in Brooklyn for many moons.

Picture by Jonathan Mena originally for

Mena’s story, headlined, “Neighbors Torn on New ‘Checkerboard’ Building,” published October 18.

The owner of a newly renovated, checkerboard-patterned building at 64 Palmetto Street has begun renting apartments amid mixed reviews on its appearance from neighbors. Abe Green of Buildings USA, LLC, is the developer of the six-family building near Bushwick Avenue and calls the paint job a “piece of art.” Green said his goal was to bring “a new attraction to the neighborhood.” Read the rest of article here.

The Observer’s story, headlined, snidely, “Checkerboard Ugly Even for Bushwick,” was published October 20.

The real estate boom littered slapdash, unattractive buildings all across the city, especially in the North Brooklyn precincts of Williamsburg, Greenpoint and Bushwick. The latter, with its working class, clapboard rowhouses, is not especially known for its beauty to begin with – it is no Crown Heights or Midwood – yet this new development at 64 Palmetto Street, near Bushwick Avenue, may be one of the worst the Observer has laid its pink eyes on. Read rest of the sniping news snippet here.

Original picture by Jonathan Mena for

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