NAM Calls on Ethnic Media to Take A Stand on Immigration Reform

From New America Media Executive Director Sandy Close:

For the first time, New America Media is asking ethnic media across the country with whom we work to take a collective editorial stand on an issue that directly impacts the lives of millions of our audiences: Immigration reform.

When 450 ethnic media colleagues joined New America Media at its EXPO in Atlanta earlier this month, we unveiled a new national poll showing that ethnic media had increased its audience by 16 percent in the last four years. With mainstream media in trouble, and the country undergoing a period of economic crisis, ethnic media is being called upon not only to inform but also to engage our communities in the democratic process.

Today ethnic media reach 60 million adult Americans. Imagine using our collective strength to send a joint message to Congress and the White House. New America Media has written an editorial calling for urgent immigration reform. It is available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and Arabic. Please consider including this editorial in your online, print or broadcast outlet. This is a unique opportunity for ethnic media to be heard on a critical national issue.

We plan to announce on Monday, June 29 how many news outlets in our network are simultaneously publishing the editorial that week. Please join us in bringing our collective voice to national attention as a key sector in American journalism.

Please contact my colleagues Marcelo Ballvé ( or Sandip Roy ( to get the op-ed. We hope you will include it in your outlet, whether in print, broadcast or online, the week of June 29th.

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