“It’s Biden – I got the text message at …

… at 3:09 a.m. but CNN broke the story a full hour early.”

Special Correspondent Jonathan Mena

So much for the big message, so much for letting the little people know before the big corporate news media ran away with the story. I was up and ready. My editor, Professor Gregg Morris, was asleep at the wheel [he was in bed!] when it broke. Here’s what I wanted blog at 3:09:01 a.m.:

Senator Joe Biden of Delaware was announced today as being Barack Obama’s selection for Vice President.

With the Democratic convention a little less than 48 hours away, Obama’s decision results in much needed political experience in foreign policy for his administration. He has been criticized in the present campaign for his lack of experience.  Obama’s selection was made known text message at 3:09 a.m. EST.

Obamas’ campaign promised that his decision would be made known via text message but CNN broke the story on its site almost a full hour before the text message was sent. Joe Biden, the U.S. Senator from Delaware, has over 30 years experience in politics, especially in foreign policy and defense matters. The eyes and ears of the world will be on Denver this week. It will be hard for McCain to steal his thunder.

A big question now is what does McCain have up his sleeve to regain much needed press attention. Biden’s addition to the Democratic ticket should balance the scale and pick up the much needed white middle class vote Obama has been competing neck and neck with McCain. Obama has polled lower than John McCain in this area.

Kisha Allison, Jacqueline Fernandez and I will be looking for more BIG stories when we leave for Denver tomorrow to join 11 other journalists from ethnic news media around the country who make up the first ethnic media network to cover a presidential convention because of New America Media.

The other journalists:
1. Eduardo de Oliveira, New England Ethnic News (Boston, Mass.)
2. Randy Stelly, The Real Views (Baton Rouge, La.)
3. Erline Andrews, Caribbean Life (New York City, N.Y.)
4. Judith Martinez, Atlanta Latino (Atlanta, Ga.)
5. Cindy Yurth, The Navajo Times (Navajo, Ariz.)
6. Gregg Morris, The WORD (Hunter College, N.Y.)
7. Jacqueline Fernandez, The WORD (Hunter College, N.Y.)
8. Kisha Allison, The WORD (Hunter College, N.Y.)
9. Jonathan Mena, The WORD (Hunter College, N.Y.)
10. Kaiping Liu, The World Journal (San Francisco, Calif.)
11. Zuag Kimberly Chang, Hmong Today (Minneapolis, Minn.)
12. Ashahed Muhammad, The Final Call (Chicago, Ill.)
13. Roberto Lovato, New America Media (New York City, N. Y.)
14. Anthony Advincula, New America Media (New York City, N.Y.)


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