It’s Been One of Those Semesters – 4

Part 4 of 4

I’ve decided on a succinct wrap-up to this matter.

Correction in Typical Envoy-ian Patois

Speaking my piece: I have a sense but don’t know with certainty the reason for Editor in Chief Ming Fearon’s decision to sling apocrypha and look insipidly silly (and make her cohorts look insipidly silly) in the process (for this tempest in a teapot, I have to admit).

Got up on the wrong side of her bed? Got up on the wrong side of the computer. A synaptic glitch? Nevertheless, dissing an instructor trying to assist a student publication with a reputation for bovine journalism is de rigueur  on this campus for this publication.

One wonders what the Envoy’s faculty adviser, D:F/M Professor Bernard Stein, advised her, if he did, about how to respond. The Correction above certainly doesn’t reflect the acumen of a Pulitzer Prize winning essay journalist (who happens to be affiliated with a family owned/operated weekly in Riverside, The Bronx, New York: The Riverside Press).

Nevertheless, “this” is probably not over.

Here are early posts about this matter.

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