It’s Been One of Those Semesters – 2

Part 2 of 4: The Envoy Responds

—- Original message —-
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 2010 17:46:21 -0400

From: “Jesse Lent, Envoy News”
Subject: Re: Attention Envoy Editor-in-Chief Ming Fearon (Short Version)
Cc:, Andrea Zaharieva ,

Dear Professor Morris:

I am the one who made the mistake and not Ming. I promise you it was not malicious. We planned to have a reporter at the Obama press conference, and I never saw a response back. The truth is there were several people using this email address at the time (a situation that has since been corrected) and somehow the message was lost in the ether.

You are absolutely correct that you responded to my email, and we got it wrong. I strive for accuracy, and this is a mistake I will take to my grave. As a journalist, you know there is very little one can do in this situation. But we will make every effort to clear up this error in reporting. There will be a correction run in the next issue of The Envoy.

If it is possible to move beyond this, I would implore you to please bring your problems with the publication to our attention directly. We are not The New York Times, nor do we have any delusions of being a professional paper. We are simply students doing our best to report what is happening in the world around us. It is only through criticism that we can improve. Please accept my deepest apologies.

Sincerely yours,
Jesse Lent News & Features Editor
The Hunter Envoy
Thomas Hunter Room 211

Part 3:  A Response to the Response

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