It Was One of Those Semesters

The November 10, 2010  D:F/M Faculty Meeting Was Hot

In the thick of the inferno of that November 10 meeting,  the Hunter College PSC Chapter Chair, rising to a moment during tepid discourse,* announces to her Colleagues, QMfE, “I can’t take this anymore”* and reaches into her ban and aims her teenie-weenie digital pipsqueak at the Colleague whose comments may have overpowered her ability to respond collegially.

The Chapter Chair for the Professional Staff Congress at Hunter College

Actually, she says, “I’m recording this,” and then takes out her teenie-weenie digital pipsqueak and aims it at the Colleague whose comments … etcetera.

“I can top that,” says this Colleague whose comments … etcetera. He reaches into his black bike bag and pulls out a Nikon D5000 with a super-wide angle lens. Sighs emanate from around the room.

More on this later ’cause there is a lot more. Always.

*Okay, discourse wasn’t that tepid. The issues were serious but the volume, compared to previous department meetings, was mild. Loud voices. And: There was no hooting. Also: no attempts to drown out the response of a Colleague trying to speak. Also, no shouting, at least not the moment of the teenie-weenie and the Nikon D5000 exchange, so to speak. In fact, there was humor, thought slight, and, it has to be admitted, dismay and sighing – especially after the Hit Me Hit Me Hit Me ballad.

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