Howard Monath in Bangkok, Talking About Bucky

This latest thread started with HM posting this picture and writing, "Somewhere Bucky is smiling." - Picture by Howard Monath

Who’s Bucky?

Via facebook.

Bucky Badger…Nattawut Salkua, the Red Shirt leader is wearing a University of Wisconsin T-Shirt; very appropriate. ( My alma mater, Latin for bounteous mother )

Tony Smull, a fb friend:

howard, are you a confirmed red shirt or quoi?


I am a bounteous mother

And ..

But come on, when you see one of the leaders of the Red Shirts wearing a Wisconsin red shirt, that kind of seals the deal, don’t you think? I mean my NY cynicism/ voyeurism, will always make me objective in a way, but I certainly have a soft spot for the Red Shirts…the underdogs with a billionaire leader ( there’s that cynicism again )

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