Posted little in April. Posted nothing in May. Just resuming in late June. There was sooooo much going that this writer will be attempting a re-cap of sorts in the coming weeks though significant moments were missed but the resonances of some may be captured.

A Little This & That to Rev Up the Posting Engine:

  • D:F/M has endorsed an exceptionally lame curriculum revision at a time when enrollment is down and the department is substantially discombobulated. Rumors resonating among students say that the Brooklyn College’s journalism effort is the place to be for those serious about so-called* production classes. [A BC Colleague there said that enrollment is up and more classes were added in the spring semester. QMfE, “We’re not stealing your students,” BCC snickered. But the rumors suggest otherwise.
  • Chimera was strong as usual but the poor image of the department – I prefer “sordid” over poor – has been mentioned more than once by Colleague Larry Shore, his comments seeping into that consciousness numbed by D:F/M Chimera.
  • Hit Me, Hit Me, Hit Me — the D:F/M Chair lost his cool at the November 13, 2010 faculty meetingand his cancellation of  the Klemente Soto Beles Documentary much earlier in that semester, of course,  helped burnish that sordid image. More “discussion” on that later.
  • The Hunter College Violence in the Workplace Committee created a major distraction. What a farce.  More about that too.


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