A Quickie Wrap-Up, Spring 2011

Spring semester 2011 was the fourth consecutive semester of the DUH running amock. One basic reporting class ended with only about six students of the original 15 or so who had enrolled. The other br course closed the semester with more C-pluses, Cs and Ws than I’ve ever given. And three students who received Cs actually flunked the class but passed because the instructor didn’t believe at the time that they had been given sufficient warning about their dismal performances.

One in particular had complained aloud in the course of the semester that this instructor was “too strict.”

QMfE, “The instructor is anal,” was her critique of the class. She and many others, yes,  were, yes, knuckleheads. Paul Mason would understand.

My Ethics and News Media Responsibility Class was relatively decent though this instructor’s performance was lacking. That lackluster performance inspired a major reconsideration of the mission of the course and that most likely will only be partially resolved by beginning of the semester. There were two real gems in class and a few others who were pretty good. Grades ran much higher than I have been accustomed to giving.

More later — and with specifics, especially about the film festivals covered this past semester.

Again, may have to rev up with minutia to get crackin’ again.

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