Coming Soon

In development (but in no particular order):

– the IPPIES of the Independent Press Association of New York

– the WORD print – an independently run, student newspaper with a loose affiliation with this WORD – bites the dust

– a commentary (maybe more than one) on requests from students and former students (who were interviewed for WORD articles as long as two years ago) asking/demanding/begging that their comments in articles or the articles with their comments be deleted, expunged, disappeared because they don’t want potential employers or graduate admission committees to know that they experimented in bi-sexual fun or that they partied all night, every night, until they couldn’t distinguish between the moon and the sun or that they engaged in other forms of behavior that some might call risqué – and which definitely cannot escape the URL tenacles of Google; what to do, what to do; definitely worthy of some pondering considering the ethical dilemmas brought to bare.

Gregg Morris

One Response to “Coming Soon”

  1. Doreen Lobelle says:

    I’d love to read some commentary on those looking to have stories with their comments simply ‘disappear’ … Some people really do underestimate the powers of Google. There is just one answer to this, though – if you don’t want people knowing any sort of potentially incriminating information about you, don’t talk to a reporter! (Duh!)