Basta Dobbs

By Jonathan Mena
Senior Editor/Producer

Pro immigration groups in the U.S. exulted in delight at the knowledge that Lou Dobbs stepped down yesterday.

Dobbs, who has denigrated Latinos and immigrants in his news show, has been accused of consistently spreading false information as facts about issues concerning immigration. On Tuesday he said issues like immigration have been, “defined in the public arena by partisanship and ideology rather than rigorous empirical thought and forthright analysis and discussion.” His resignation comes at a time when talks of immigration reform have all but been absent in the White House.

Without a major platform like CNN, Dobbs next move will be closely watched to see where he lands. Groups like have sprung to stop what they call “anti-immigrant extremism.”  The Latino community is the fastest growing demographic group and will soon become a constituency to be reckoned with. Dobbs resignation was just a small battle victory.

With healthcare reform, war and the economy on the top of Obama’s to do lis,t Latinos from all across the U.S. will need to unite to see that our concerns are heard and resolved.

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