Americans Largely Unaware of Stimulus Opportunities – Report by New America Media

Blogging As Stimulus Poll Teleconference Press Conference Proceeds:

Americans’ opinions about the federal government’s $787 billion stimulus package and its impact on the mired economy vary sharply among racial and ethnic groups, according to a survey released today, with ethnic Americans more likely than whites to say it is a “good thing.”

The survey, called “Gauging the Impact of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act,” found that 67 percent of Latinos and Native Americans, 62 percent of Asian Americans, and 84 percent of African Americans think the stimulus is good for their families or communities. By comparison, just 45 percent of white Americans see it positively. Overall, 54 percent of all Americans think the stimulus effort is positive.

The survey, which was commissioned by New America Media, painted a portrait of Americans in economic hardship. Sixty percent of Latinos are worried about housing costs, 50 percent of Native Americans are concerned about food, clothing and medicine costs and more than 30 percent of blacks worried about losing their jobs.

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