D:F/M Faculty Meeting, October 7

If institutions of higher learning desire academic honesty, they must be institutions of obvious integrity, places where students, faculty, and administrators seek truth and wisdom and technical expertise in an environment marked by trust, honesty, respect, fairness, responsibility, and courage. Peg Hogan, Former President, The Center for Academic Integrity

Peg – if she had been invited to attend, and if she understood the history of D:F/M, and if she knew all the players, or even just some of the players, minor or otherwise or even if she didn’t know any or some but maybe was able to intuit years of department meetings and politics – would have:
A) Fallen to the floor laughing.
B) Jumped up and down, giggling menacingly, then swan dived to the floor, but this time giggling hilariously.
C) Whipped out her secret tape recorder before bursting out in laughter.
D) Some of the above.
E) All of the Above.

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