A Sarah Palin Reader From Carol Forsloff of the Tag Team of Randy Stelly and Carol Forsloff of The Real Views

The Real Views – like the WORD – was a charter member of the first-ever national network of ethnic news media at a Democratic National Convention (organized by New America Media). It was represented by Randy Stellar who attended the Convention and collaborated with Carol Forsloff, who was back in the office in Natchitoches, Louisiana, for a number of stories that they published related to the Convention. The following is from Carol about a book she is having published about the Presidential election, and she specifically addresses Sarah Palin.

I have a book presently for download that will be in hard copy in three to six weeks.  The e-book is presently online and available for download with a chapter you may want to use in your papers; both are at [here].  I also have a blog with information about the book and the full chapter printed out at [here].  I used 600 sources for the book, and both the e-book and hard copy have them listed.  The book was written as a way of educating as many people as possible before this important election. It is comprehensive in that it looks at specific issues, the candidates background on these issues and examines how we look at things through our own prisms and how we react to events like the Palin candidacy and why.

Our hope is that as many people as possible get this book in order to become familiar with Palin, whom Carol believes is of serious concern, especially to disadvantaged, disabled and ethnic groups.  The hard copy is going through the process now to complete publication and printing; the e-book now available, and both are copyrighted and ISBN Numbers provided.  Thought all of you might be interested in having the chapter and letting people know of the book because of its educational content related to the upcoming election.


Carol and Randy can be reached at admin@therealviews.com.

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