A Cosmic Conjunction of Race News on CNN’s Campbell Brown?

Brown, a no-show tonight. John Roberts fills in.  Race shows up, though not the lead story, but in prime time view:

  • First up: Obama not an U.S. citizen, a woman shouts at a town hall meeting. Here. Roberts (this guy gets paid big bucks for le bon mot), QMfE, “Can you believe this,” he says after the woman, white, is shown seconds insisting that the President of the United States is not an U.S. citizen. Yeah, I can believe it if JR can’t. Google says, 19,300,000 results for Obama not an U.S. citizen.
  • Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates: Arrested, released. His lawyer talks on CNN.
  • CNN to do one of those Black in America special.

The back-to-back reportage of two stories plus the prominent marketing of BiA2 seems prescient. About what, I don’t know. A new world order? [☺]

Maybe, in a few days, I will delete this post as one of those, QMfE, “What was I thinking about.” Or, maybe, I will discover what was piqued by this conjunction of news with race themes broadcast, made available in less than 15 minutes.

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