2010: Significant Moments

Late December, 2009, and early January, 2010, of course, a period when the mainstream news media were publishing recollections and what they considered the highlights of the decade just passed and taking opportunities to prognosticate about the near and distant future. That’s inspiration to do a review of significant moments in the 10 years of the WORD, and its editor, sans the prognostication. However, mostly highlights are to be considered with substantive reviews to follow when possible (because they can take so much time to write).

So …

… it’s good to recall that moment when D:F/M Colleagues, working in hand with members of the ersatz Student Liberation Action Movement, which had been running student government for several years at Hunter, collaborated to take over the WORD.

The signature event took place at a department meeting. Stuart Ewen was the chair then. Tami Gold, on the D:F/M Policy and Budget Committee, was actively involved in the moment. Because of her influence in D:F/M, she was AKA the shadow chair. The purported takeover failed, of course, but the initiative plus the failure glaringly exposed the ethos of the department.


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