UWIRE.COM Looking for the Weird to Begin the 2009 Fall Semester

From: Michelle Starr
News Editor | UWIRE

I’m really sorry to send so many messages out in the last few days, but it’s the start of the semester and pretty crazy. UWIRE is trying to compile a list of weird classes and we’re hoping all of you can help out. Are there any new, interesting, strange classes this fall…Think “Harry Potter and British Comedy” or something like that. As always we’ll make it available to anyone who pitches in!

We need:
Class number
Number of credit hours
(ideally) cost for each of these.

For example, we would want “English 435: Zombies in Cinema and Literature” A rollicking trip through the history of brainless dead people from the dawn of time through “Sean of the Dead.” 3 credit hours @ $200/credit = $600.

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