To: Louis Mader, Director, Department of Public Safety, Hunter College

Normally, I would follow up an email like the one below with an email or a phone call or a visit if I didn’t get a response. There have been times, though not recently, when I would post on Hunter-L if I didn’t get a sufficient response. Hunter-L being a main campus listserv for information and scandal and mischief.

However, these aren’t normal times (the NYCLU has recently filed a lawsuit against the NYPD for its stop-n-harass SWAT tactics of hundreds of thousands of People of Color in NYC annually) and I didn’t get a response and I’m feeling, sniff, a bit sensitive.

So (not personal, just business):

Tuesday, November 3 10:35:59 EST 2009
Louis Mader
Department of Public Safety
[Hunter College]


I am using cameras and videos in and around campus for most of the academic year. And too frequently I’m keep getting stopped and challenged by security guards. So, I’m proposing that I provide your department with a picture of me so that the guards will know.

When I am planning something, and know sufficiently in advanced, I don’t mind alerting the guards before I shoot. But there are occasions when it’s spontaneous like yesterday when two guards challenged me in two different spots. I thought one was good but the other (I’m not
complaining) created a scene.

Gregg Morris
Assistant Professor
Department of Film and Media Studies

In the future, I will be taking pictures of annoying/harassing campus security and publishing them conspicuously for all to see.

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