NY Times Headline About NCAA B-Ball: “Tournament Field Set, With Kansas at Top.”

The Psychic Connection: A Mild Departure From the Thematic Goals of This Blog

Kansas, Kentucky, Syracuse and Duke.
The P-Connection (forgive this writer’s indulgence): Kansas: In Lawrence, KS, my father, sister, brother and their clans have contact, direct and indirect, with the KU b-ball team). Syracuse: Played against J. Boheim in college; played with and against JB in the ol’ days of barnstorming b-ball in small towns in upstate New York (one game I had 62 points, he hit 100+) and in the old Eastern League for a while. Duke: Played against¬†Mike Krzyzewski, when he was at Weber in Chicago and this writer was at Mt. Carmel; bumped into him when he was at Army and this writer was at Cornell.

Indulgence over.

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