The Pat Buchanan Bigot Boogaloo Now a Shuffle

Huffington Post: Pat Buchanan Denies MSNBC Suspension: ‘I Don’t Know Anything About That’ (AUDIO)

Pat Buchanan spoke out for the first time about his absence from MSNBC on a Monday radio show.
Speaking to conservative host Hugh Hewitt, Buchanan denied reports that he has been officially suspended from the network following the release of a controversial book, “Suicide of a Superpower,” which claims that America’s European values are being drowned by waves of immigration. Buchanan has not been seen on MSNBC since Oct. 22.

Gabriel Rey-Goodlatte of reports in an email today:

Pat Buchanan and his white supremacist ideology will no longer be on TV, thanks to and CREDO Action members.

Buchanan hasn’t appeared on MSNBC since we launched our campaign, and MSNBC President Phil Griffin just confirmed that Buchanan is suspended indefinitely1,2 because some of his ideas aren’t “appropriate for national dialogue on MSNBC.”3 While Griffin said he hasn’t decided whether Buchanan will return, media analysts say it’s very unlikely he will be allowed back.4 This is a huge victoryfor everyone who cares about keeping hateful, racially divisive rhetoric and misinformation out of the mainstream media.

Read Huffington Post story here.


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