The Fifth Circle of Hell: Resistance Is Futile

Prescient signs: The smack, smack, smacking of students smacking the wall.

Late assignments (“I forgot”). Botched assignments (“Say what?). No assignments (“Is this gonna’ hurt?”). Tardiness (“Are you fo’ real?”). Absences (“What syllabus?”)

Whining. Growling. Snarling.

The sixth week, it never* fails, the fifth circle of hell: The academic clashes with the personal and the winnowing begins. Another 30-40 semester?

Thus, this caveat to a class:

The following should keep serious students out of harm’s way. It is based on the class syllabus and assignment guidelines which the whole class should review, especially considering the piss poor commute assignment that was due Thursday. I will be collecting the Commuting notes this Monday, October 19.

1) College guidelines require the instructor to give a warning before flunking a student for disrupting class and filing a complaint with the Faculty-Student Disciplinary Committee. So, here is the warning for the class, primarily but not exclusively for the miscreants regularly getting warnings about disruptive class demeanor: The next disruption means a F in class participation and a subsequent disruption is F for the class and a referral to FSDC.

2) Cell phones. I suggest students keep them out of sight after class starts. The next cell phone violation by anyone results in a F in class participation and a subsequent violation is F for the course.

3) The next violation regarding any of the following results in a F in class participation and a subsequent violation means a F for the course: Playing computer games. Emailing. Internet surfing that has nothing to do with class. Typing that has nothing to do with class and occurring while the instructor is talking. Computer tinkering-fidgeting-trifling-flirting-etcetera that has nothing to do with class and occurs when the instructor is addressing the class.

4) The Bb assignments and guidelines have been reviewed and tweaked, such as inclusion of some legal and practical advice about taking pictures on the subways. Check the due dates for assignments, also. The instructor strongly suggests that students download the material as a backup. Blackboard had a problem early in the month and is supposedly undergoing some patchwork and for this instructor that means that it could be only a matter of time before the system truly crashes. Regardless of whether it flies or falls, students are accountable for the information in the material.

Anyone who feels that the above was written in Greek, should contact me ASAP. Before class or after. Or by email.

*Sometimes the sixth is the seventh or eighth.

Resistance is futile.

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